Clients toolbar

These are actions that can be carried out on a open Client record.
Clients toolbar

Client Selector

1. Client Selector  Select the Client Record you wish to view using the drop down arrow
  • Highlight and delete the name in the field (if there is one)
  • Start typing in the name of the client
  • The drop down list will display with the matching client names
  • Select the client required

Display Client

2. Display Client
Click Display Client to update the open the Client Record


Click Save to Save any changes made to the Client Record. Once a client has been saved the time of the Last Save is recorded.

New Client

4. New Client
Click New Client to add a New Client.

Find Client

5. Find Client
Click here to run the Client Search (or press Ctrl+F)

Spell Check

6. Spell Check
Click Spell Check to check the current open screen for spelling errors.

Spell check as you type

7. Spell check as you type     
If this is ticked, then any potential spelling errors as highlighted as information is typed in.

Go to Invoices

8. Go to Invoices
Click Go to Invoices to open the Invoices for the selected client.
Note that the Audit Log is now available on the System tab.


9. Customise
Click Customise to begin customising the Client Details area of Bp Allied.


10. Letters
Click the down arrow on the Letters toolbar select a Letter Template to merge with the selected client.


If enabled, click Delete to Delete a Client Record from the database.  Please note that this action marks the client as deleted in the database but does not actually remove them. This is to enable the Audit Log to stay intact and have a full record of all actions as they relate to a client.
However, if a Client has any of the following items, they will be permanently deleted and they cannot be reversed:
  • Appointments – past and future
  • Consultation information
  • Client History
  • Reminders
  • Referrals
  • Tasks
  • Waiting List entries
  • Documents and contacts
If a client has any Invoices, the client can’t be deleted. This includes invoices that may have been deleted or voided.
If you do not wish to view a client, you can choose to mark them "Inactive" from the main screen of the Client Details area, which will hide them from the Client Lists and Client Search unless the Include inactive Clients in Client List checkbox is turned on in Options > Client Details.
11. Delete 
If the Delete button is grey, the logged in user does not have permission to delete the client record.