Changing the settings within MPSettings.exe could seriously affect how Bp Allied functions. Please DO NOT change any settings without the guidance of the Bp Allied Support team. Please call, email or log onto remote support if you are experiencing technical difficulties with Bp Allied.


Is editable in Options*


SMS Provider
Selection of the SMS provider to be used
SMS Balance Threshold
Threshold where the SMS Balance shown on the Status Bar changes from green to red    
SMS Global Password
Password for the SMS Global Account
SMS Global Replies
Selected reply option
  • 0 = No replies
  • 1 = Reply to registered email address**
  • 2 = Reply to designated number
  • 3 = Replies to Bp Allied
SMS Global Username
Username for the SMS Global Account
Disable All Replies
Disable reply options from SMS Central
SMS Central Username
Username for the SMS Central Account
SMS Central Password
Password for the SMS Central Account
SMS Header
Header or Reply number to be shown to Client when SMS message is received. If option 2 above is chosen then this needs to be the designated mobile phone number.
SMTP Password
Password to be used if the SMTP service requires authentication. Blank by default.
Port to be using when sending email. Default = 25. Some ISP's block port 25, e.g. Bigpond
SMTP Server
The SMTP server used to send the reminders
SMTP Timeout
Timeout value (seconds) when sending email. Default = 10
Use Secure Sockets Layer when sending email. Default = False. Google requires to be set to true.
SMTP Username
Username to be used if the SMTP service requires autherntication. Default is set to blank.
User Email Address
Ther users email address - used if the option to send the users email address is on when sending error reports. Used as the reply to email address.
* Some settings that are stored in MPSettings are editable from System > Options in the Bp Allied User Interface.
**If Reply to a registered Email Address is selected as the SMS Reminder reply option then the SMTP details also need to be set-up.