Sync Settings

Changing the settings within MPSettings.exe could seriously affect how Bp Allied functions. Please DO NOT change any settings without the guidance of the Bp Allied Support team. Please call, email or log onto remote support if you are experiencing technical difficulties with Bp Allied.


Is editable in Options*


Computer Syncs
If true, this computer syncs with the server. This can either be on a Bp Allied Live server or their own server/computer acting as a server.

Document Sync

Daily Network Document Sync Time
The time when a full check of all documents is done between the Client and Server and any that are different on the Client are uploaded to the server.
File Upload Only
Upload new documents to the server when created. Default = true. If "False"  all documents from the server will be synchronised.
Sync Docs Daily
A full check of all documents will be done at the designated time.

Other Sync Settings

Network Domain for MPLive customers. Default is MYPRACTICELIVE
Sync Log Location
Path to the folder where the synclogs are stored
Sync Password
MPLIve Web Sync Only - Network Password
Sync Transport Method
Two sync options:
  • LAN = internal LAN or Hamachi
  • WEB = Bp Allied Live Web Sync
Sync Username
MPLIve Web Sync Only - Network Username
Verbose Sync Logging
Logging of the Sync Process - if set to True will emit a large quantity of information. Sync processes are logged by default but Verbose logging = False.
Webservice (Bp Allied Live only)
Location of the Web Service if Sync Process = WEB
* Some settings that are stored in MPSettings are editable from System > Options in the Bp Allied User Interface.