Client Access Manual Update Report

This report is used to display the details of any manual changes that have been made to a User/Client combination, e.g. anything that differs from the standard role and has triggered the ticking of the Manual Update checkbox.
Client Access Manual Update Report

Get Report

1. Get Report
Click Get Report to display all the User / Client combinations that are applicable.

Results Grid

2. Results Grid
The results grid displays the relevant results. Grouping and filtering the results might be useful to be able to look at specific clients or users.
The Edit button can be used tp update the individual access records in the same way as when they are manually updated.

Save & Apply Changes

3. Save & Apply Changes
Click Apply Changes to apply and permissions updated.
Click OK to save and close
Click Cancel to cancel any changes.

Output Options

4. Output Options
Use the standard options to Export, Preview or Print the report.