This area incorporates all Certificates that Bp Allied uses across multiple services.
All are now installed the same way and will be stored in Windows certificate store (the Users "Personal" Certificate Store in Windows)
Certificates need to be installed for each user using the Service

Medicare Online Claiming

1. Medicare Online Claiming
The Medicare Online Claiming auth group certificate, issued by Bp Allied is installed here. Please see details on the rest of the Medicare Online Claiming set-up here.

Health Identifier Service

2. Health Identifier Service
Coming soon....

PCEHR Service

3. PCEHR Service
Coming Soon...

ReferralNet Secure Messaging

4. ReferralNet Secure Messaging
Install the ReferralNet certificate from here if not already installed.
The PKI certificate is an encryption infrastructure used by ReferralNet to enable the encrypting and decrypting (hence securing) of email messages. These certificates are managed by Medicare and are a required part of using ReferralNet. There is a email address that is designated for use with each PKI Certificate. This needs to be installed onto each computer on which secure messaging is to be used.
The PKI Certificate is allocated to a site rather than to an individual.

Medical-Objects Secure Messaging

5. Medical-Objects Secure Messaging
Click Install Certificate to install the certificate provided by Medical Objects. The certificate will need to be installed on each computer that needs to use the secure messaging provider. Please note that this is only required for Fully Hosted customers.

Medicare MBS Scheme

6. Medicare MBS Scheme
Shows the details of the last MBS file upload from Medicare. The update can be run from here or from Data Maintenance > MBS (Scheduled Fees)