Tyro HealthPoint Claiming

Tyro HealthPoint Claiming
Tyro HealthPoint Claiming allows access to lodging claims and requesting quotes from multiple Health Funds via one system. The details of supported funds by modality here on the Tyro website. Please contact Tyro Support to sign up for Tyro HealthPoint on 02 8907 1700 or 1300 966 639. A practitioner may need to be registered with a Health Fund to process claims. Please contact the relevant Health Fund for details on whether this is required.
As soon as the Claim is accepted by your Client, Tyro guarantees payment to you, the merchant. Tyro directly pays the merchant a single sum on a daily basis for all claims lodged and accepted on a +2 day schedule. If you require any additional information regarding their merchant payment system and HealthPoint Settlement Reports, please contact Tyro directly.
Pre-requisites for lodgement
There are several pre-requisites required for a claim to be lodged. A claim can only be for:
  • one practitioner
  • one modality (e.g. psychology or speech, not both)
  • one service (appointment) date
  • Multiple appointments or items that occur on the same day can be sent on the same invoice
Several reports have been created to help manage the functions available from using Tyro HealthPoint:
  • Claims Report – used to view and manage any claims lodged. This does not include an quotes lodged as this information is not saved.
  • Quote Summary – used to view and manage quotes
  • Transaction Summary – has been updated to show the Health Fund against any claims that are displayed in this view. The grouping and filtering options can be used to view Health Fund related invoices and payments.