There are many advantages to Bp SMS in Bp Allied V6:
  • Integrates with the Bp Allied Appointment Book.
  • Patients can be reminded within minutes of making a new appointment on their mobile phone.
  • Seamless two-way SMS communications allows patients to confirm an appointment via SMS with a simple YES reply.
  • SMS messaging simplifies patient communication, saving your staff time, improving your patients' experience, and greatly reducing “No Show” appointments
  • Bp SMS Support is handled by our friendly Bp Allied Support Team  - no 3rd Party Support required
  • Simple workflows and templates to automate reminders.
  • Our Bp SMS solution is provided by a Tier 1 SMS Service Provider and guarantees that all messages are routed onshore, ensuring data remains onshore and security and privacy is not compromised in any way.  Key benefits of our solution include:
  • has the highest availability and reliability
  • is the most resilient and secure
  • has unparalleled service quality
  • has the quickest delivery through the quickest network.
Please call the Best Practice sales team on 1300 401 111 (Australia) or 0800 401 111 (NZ) or email sales@bpsoftware.net for information or to request a Bp SMS account.
 An email will be sent with the following information required for setting up your Bp SMS Account in Bp Allied:
  • Bp SMS username
  • BPS Site ID
  • SMS Credit Code (also known as SMS Activation Key)
To set up your account:
  • Go to Options > Reminders
  • Sender ID / Reply Number – for Australian customers, this can be set to a dedicated number, otherwise leave as the default of BpAllied
  • Ensure that Country Code is set correctly. If not, please contact the Allied Support team to reset this for you.
  • Select Bp SMS
  • Enter in the Bp SMS Username e.g. BestPractice307.
  • This needs to be entered for all computers wishing to send SMS messages using Bp SMS.
  • Tick Check Bp SMS for replies to Appointment Reminders if replies are to be sent into Bp Allied.
  • The SMS Scheduler needs to be set up for replies to be received. For information on the scheduler please review the details here.
  • Click on Top up Bp SMS Credit
  • Enter in the Site Number without the BPS prefix e.g. 13245
  • Copy and paste in the SMS Credit Code
  • Click OK
    Even if using the scheduler, credit top-ups need to be applied to your account via this option.
    Once the Bp SMS Credit is entered in the Top up Bp SMS Credit section on one computer, credit is available for the entire Practice. Syncing computers will need to press Sync All to obtain the credit information. All other Reminder settings need to be set to enable sending via Bp SMS on each computer that requires it to be used.
  • Check the credit warning options as required
  • In SMS Warning Balance, enter the value at which a credit warning will display. This value will trigger the display of the warning pop-ups and change the credit balance background on the status bar to magenta.